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The Black Excellence Network consultancy service is an exclusive consultation service for those within our network. Members are able to book a call with experts from a range of industries. 


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Watch out for our next release of career insight calls!

Members are also able to book a call with the Directors at BEN to receive advice regarding networking, building organisations and leadership! We are also keen to receive feedback on our services within these calls.

Meet Our Consultants

Here are a few of our top, in-house consultants who provide high quality consultations for our members.

Head of Consultancy

George Obolo

Medical Student at University of Manchester.

Student Wellbeing Officer

Sapphire Francis

Psychology Student at Kings College London. Trained Well-being Officer.

Personal Statement Advisor

Oyinda Adeniyi

Medical Student at the Hull York Medical School.

4th Year Medical Student

Danielle Fatunla

Medical Student at University of Manchester.

Medicine Career Advisor

Dr Deborah Brown

Foundation Year 1 Doctor. Recently graduated from The University of Manchester.

Career: Dentist

Dr. Yazdani

Dr. Yazdani works at Mill Hill Dental Practice after having worked in private and mixed practices in Central London and Cambridgeshire.

Undergraduate Medicine Interview Advisor

Stephanie Ayalogu

Medical Student at Plymouth University.

Undergraduate Medicine Interview Advisor

Victoria Balogun

Medical Student at Kings College London.

List of In-House Consultation Calls

Placement Year Advisory Call

Advisory Call with an
FY1 Doctor

CV and Cover Letter Advisory Call

Meet the Leadership Team

Student Wellbeing Check-Up Call

Undergraduate Medicine
Application Advisory

And much more!


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We love what we do,
and so do our community.

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We understand the difficult situation all students are in right now, and so we hope that by providing these services we are making life that tad bit easier. Booking availability can be found in the ‘Consultancy’ section of our website

Review Your Call

We hope you gained a lot from your advisory call. This form is to get feedback on how you found our consultancy service. We want to hear your feedback so we can provide you with the best quality service tailored specifically to your needs. 

Frequently asked questions

“There are no more available appointments for the consultancy call I want...”

Please fill out the form below with the name of the call you would like to book and we would do our best to get you an appointment date ASAP.

Please wait till 2 hours prior to the meeting to receive your meeting link. If you still have not received one afterwards please email immediately and this issue with be sorted.

How can I reschedule my appointment?

Simply cancel your call using the link you have been emailed and the book another time which suits you better. If you are having difficulties doing this please email

Do I have to be a BEN member to book a call?

Yes. This is an exclusive service for members of The Black Excellence Network only.

"I need advice on a particular topic of which your calls do not cover..."

Simply fill out the form below mentioning the advice you are looking for and we will contact you within 3-5 working days as to whether we can provide this for you. We typically can provide consultants for a range of topics so do not hesitate to request.

"I would like to feature on The Black Excellence Network Consultancy Service"

This possible providing you can explain you have specialist knowledge of a topic which would be beneficial for our community at The Black Excellence Network. Please contact to find out more.

Request a

Is there a certain type of consultation call you would like that is not available? Request for it here and we will do our best to provide it for you!